Monday, February 28, 2005

and the beat goes on

It was also good to see family and friends in Chattanooga this past weekend, and camping was a success. I didn't pee in the woods this time or become Crazy Mountain Girl, but it was still a very gratifying experience. Hiking up the mountain made me realize exactly how much I really need to be doing my yoga at least once a week. And next time there will be no iPods or cellular devices allowed. Yes, that means you, Michael and Brianne. :^) Though, Michael has already declared there will be no "next time." *sigh*

I'm worn out today, but still crankin' out the work. Sometimes I think of myself as a little factory with a little internal assembly line. Though, my assembly line varies what is produced. My products sometimes need higher quality control. Or sometimes, the quality control is too tight, and the workers (the body parts) complain. Sometimes I run out of steam. Sometimes the workers go on strike. And all the while the boss (the brain) takes vacations off in sunny places.

But I am still maintaining a sunny disposition. It doesn't do any good to be stressed out. I've got Pink Floyd on the radio and life is treating me well. Money will work out, my friends will be happy, my Michael is happy, my pets are spoiled, and the beat goes on, the beat goes on, drums keep pounding a rhythm to the brain, la de da de de, la de da de da.

posted by Jennifer at 2/28/2005 12:55:00 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i remember someone taking pictures with a digital camera, and it wasn't michael or brianne.

3/03/2005 08:55:00 PM  

Blogger Jennifer said...

Yes, but taking photos doesn't INTERRUPT the camping experience. It CAPTURES the experience. :^)

3/03/2005 09:02:00 PM  

Blogger Tickles_Tapeworm said...

Is there really one camping experience? What one person enjoys while camping could be miles apart from what another person enjoys. Is it really that wrong to enjoy music while enjoying nature? I can understand if he brought a generator and a satellite dish, but all he brought was a fancy walkman.

Stay an extra day and replace the not dogs with veggies cooked in foil packets and I bet he wouldn't bitch as much next time.

For a backup, bring a video camera and a whole bunch of mushrooms. That's pure entertainment.

3/03/2005 09:44:00 PM  

Blogger Jennifer said...

Yes, but the world revolves around me and me alone. Didn't you know that my opinions are the only ones that matter?

3/04/2005 11:35:00 AM  

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