Tuesday, December 28, 2004

What a wonderful world (and I mean that only slightly sarcastically…)

Thank goodness for friends.. I would've driven myself insane at this point if it wasn't for Karaoke Night. Hanging out with everyone really cleared my head. And Stephanie rocks. I think I'm ready to shake through some of the cobwebs and make some sense of everything I'm thinking right now. But, alas, it's a little after 3 a.m., and 'tis time for bed. I'll have to save the sorting for later. But tonight was a good start. Who would've thought such good could come from several rounds of off-pitch song massacring? ha! :^) Just kidding. They were all a bunch of friggin' rock stars. I wish I could've joined in, but I couldn't even cheer anyone on with my laryngitis.

posted by Jennifer at 12/28/2004 01:13:00 AM

Blogger The Kraken said...

I'm SO glad you're feeling better. I was worried and I didn't even know what was wrong! What made you feel better? Was it "The Boys Are Back In Town"? It was, wasn't it?

12/28/2004 01:38:00 AM  

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