Sunday, December 19, 2004

Three strikes, and you're out

I've been saying that it will take three strikes for me to make the final decision to grow my hair back out, at least to a semi-medium length. Well, I'd decided before to do this with only two strikes… but last night, I got the final strike. Here they are, in chronological order (I think):

1… While at a rental at my part-time job, two little 7 or 8-year-old Hispanic girls were talking to each other outside my office door. One said to the other (referring to me), "What's he doing in there?" The other giggled, and said, "That's a girl, silly!" And then they both ran away.

2… While getting Chinese food in Downtown Nashville, the Chinese girl behind the counter asked me, "Anything else I can get for you, Sir?" I don't know if she realized her error or not. I'm hoping she did. I had barrettes in my hair and sparkly bracelets on. Sheesh, c'mon lady. I know there's a fair amount of effeminate men in Nashville, but hopefully none come to get Chinese food dressed like young girls.

3… While at a rental last night at my part-time job, a little 4-year-old African-American boy asked me, "Are you a boy or a girl?" I replied, "I'm a girl, silly," smiling at him. His little friend who was with him (maybe a 5-year-old) said, "Yeah, she's a girl and you're a boy." To which the first kid said, "Oh… 'cause you look more like a man."

So, there you have it folks. No one is allowed to give me shit about growing my hair back out. The proof is in the pudding. I look like a boy.

Please, someone tell me I don't look like a boy, or I'm going to fall into a deep depression. Or at least, if I do look like a boy, I'm an attractive boy, right? ha!

posted by Jennifer at 12/19/2004 07:16:00 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

you look nothing like a boy, nothing! we've been over this. you can't trust what little kids and foreigners call you. kids - they have gender issues all mixed up. foreigners have language problems. calm down, think about being married to your husband if you looked like a boy (specifically how that would happen), and do whatever makes you happy with your hair.

12/19/2004 08:07:00 AM  

Blogger Jamie said...

Okay, so I only know you from the pictures on your website but I can honestly assure you that you do NOT look like a boy.
And as it has been pointed out before, little children can be strange in their judgement. I remember talking to a little kid when I was about 15 or so and coming back home from school and after a while I told him I had to go home to my mom. The reply: "But you ARE a mom". Yeah. I was 15.
So little children's opinion are not necessarily something to take too serious.

12/21/2004 05:01:00 AM  

Blogger The Kraken said...

"You kids don't know WHAT you want! That's why you're still kids 'cause you're stupid!" -Roger Myers Jr.

So kids are stupid in Germany, too, huh? I no longer have faith in the future.

A glimpse into the future... The world, circa 2034: "Suspect was running eastbound on 4th. A white male, no wait, female... ah hell, I don't know which. I didn't bother to learn that as a child."

12/21/2004 06:45:00 AM  

Blogger Jennifer said...

Aw, you guys really know how to make a GIRL feel better. :^) And you all crack me up. Come to think of it, I remember the same little boy (from incident #3) later kept insisting that I had either a husband or a kid who was in jail. I think he was mistaking me for his crazy effeminite uncle or something.

12/21/2004 12:59:00 PM  

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