Sunday, December 04, 2005

time, time, time is on my side

The deadline's tomorrow morning, and I finally got the files done today and emailed off just now. Woo-hoo! ::happy dance:: Now, I just have to wait for changes to come in. Excellent. Life is good.

Note to self: The next time you have a project to do, and you want to leave room for procrastination, don't eat a big breakfast. Then, you'll be too full to eat anything, and you won't have an excuse to go rummage in the kitchen. Kitchen rummaging is an excellent way to procrastinate.

So, yes, I filled up on breakfast. I kept getting up and going into the kitchen to waste time making food, and kept realizing that I was already full. Then, I'd have to turn right back around and sit my happy ass down at the computer and keep working. Gah! So, yes, next time a deadline is looming, I'm sticking with chips and cookies. And chocolate. Mmm... chocolate.

Is it dinner time yet?


posted by Jennifer at 12/04/2005 03:28:00 PM

Anonymous b onantzin said...

Here's something to watch while you're procrastinating outside of the kitchen - the surprisingly beautiful sight of slugs getting jiggy.

12/06/2005 06:05:00 AM  

Blogger Jennifer said...

Nice. I can't open this on my computer for some reason, so I forwarded the link to the IT assistant. I think he got a kick out of it. :^)

12/06/2005 03:34:00 PM  

Blogger Penny said...

I kitchen procrastinate, too. You can always tell when I'm unmotivated.. because I'm ten pounds heavier.. and then I lose them all on nervous energy, trying to get done, everything I ever should have been doing, while I was munching away. I don't eat because I'm hungry and I don't eat because I need to feel comfort.. I don't even eat because I'm bored.. I eat to keep myself busy, so that I won't have to do what I have to do. I didn't know anyone else in the whole entire world ate procrastinatingly. You are awesome! Seriously! I love it.

12/06/2005 05:55:00 PM  

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