Friday, October 15, 2004


I'm still trying to iron out my Chattanooga plans. It is proving to be very difficult to get everything arranged. Hopefully, though, everything will fall into place. Also, I hopefully will be able to eat an actual meal at some point today – fancy that! I didn't take a lunch today, because I made a last minute appointment with the vet to have O'Malley's strange chin lumps looked at, so I am leaving work at 4:45, taking O'Malley to his appointment at 5:30, hurriedly packing for this weekend (making certain to forget one or more vital items that I'll need over the weekend, of course), picking up Katherina at her place at 7:30/7:45-ish, and getting into Chattanooga around 10:30 EST. Whew! Then, I'm meeting Christopher at 11:00/11:30-ish EST to go to the Haunted Cavern, possibly accompanied by Brianne.

This long rambling was really unneccessary; it just shows you that I will have no opportunities for nourishment between now and the wee hours of tomorrow morning. I've been snacking on the peanuts I got the other day, but salty little peanuts will only get you so far.

I'm worried about O'Malley's strange chin lumps. I looked it up online, and there are several possible causes, but I can only rule out the ones that involve drainage. So, that leaves several scary options. I'm hoping it's one of the "not painful" ones that goes away without expensive medicine. There I go with the optimism again. Let's hope it works.

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