Wednesday, August 17, 2011

and what have you done?

Oh, August.  When did you get here? 

I honestly cannot think of one creative, constructive thing I have the time or energy for at this point.  Well, I have a goal in mind, but September would be more realistic for it.  And, if I am guilty of being anything, it would be of being realistic.

So, I have decided that my goal for August will be to:


I am going to take a step back and assess how I am going on my goals so far, adjusting as need be.

Here.  I.  Go.

January – floss more

I've flossed more this year than I have flossed in my entire life.  Although, I have to admit that I have slowed down to flossing about once a month.  I'm counting it as a small victory.

February – compute less
Although I've gone the occasional day or two without the computer at home since February, I am not counting this one as a victory.  This area definitely needs improvement.

March – wear it or share it
I am doing really well on this goal, but it is still in progress.  This has been my favorite resolution so far, because it is constructive and also appeals to my OCD.  

April – stay hydrated
I have failed in my efforts to reduce my coffee consumption, but I've done really well with increasing my water consumption.  This results in a need to pee about every 2.5 seconds.

May – make more to give more
I have a good start and some good ideas for this, but I have to admit that I have made no headway.  However, my September goal should help with this one.

June – chill the ƒ*ç# out
Some might disagree, but I think I have done well with this one.  June was a crazy month, and I just took deep breaths, slept a few times, and it was over.  Just like that.  

July – treat myself
I got myself my first pedicure in July, and it was fabulous.  I only felt slightly guilty afterward for spending money on myself.  Also, I made an appointment for my tattoo in July, which I got this past Friday.  I'm good at spending money on myself – whodathunkit?

August – focus
Looks like I need to focus on spending less time camped out on the computer at home.  *sigh*  So, that would mean I should stop writing now.  

Or now.

Maybe now.

We'll see.


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