Monday, June 29, 2009

take a good swing at all my dreams

I miss walking outside, because it's too hot now.

The doctor and his assistant were nice today.

My back hurts where they whittled on me.

Seven to ten days sounds like it'll take forever, but I know it won't.

Work should be manageable this week.

I'm making headway on one of my favorite annual projects.

We're printing a lot more on FSC paper lately.

The Green Team gives me a sense of purpose.

Biscuits is super lovey and super energetic.

Osiris is my Love Muffin.

Kitty visited me the last two mornings - of her own volition.

I enjoy playing Facebook Scrabble with my friend Wendy.

I miss Darrell when he has to work late.

Getting handwritten cards in the mail makes me cry happy tears.

I should mail more cards.

The Ben Folds University A Capella album rocks my socks off.

I ended that sentence with a preposition, because I didn't see a way around it.

I'm reading Dune, am halfway through, and am still not loving it.

We finished watching The Stand again last night.

Rob Lowe doesn't give me the hots like he once did.

I think he had a nose job.

Time to find Life Offline.


posted by Jennifer at 6/29/2009 06:19:00 PM

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