Wednesday, December 10, 2008

another 100 things list

301. Lists make me feel better
302. I'm good at making lists, especially when they're about me.
303. I know myself better than anyone, which really isn't saying much.
304. I try not to hold grudges.
305. When I hold a grudge, it feels more like the grudge is holding me.
306. It's really hard for me to understand how I got myself into certain messes.
307. Darrell and I lost both our mothers this year.
308. We both took O'Malley to the vet to be put to sleep, and it was not as hard as I thought it would be, but at the same time, it was the hardest thing I've ever done.
309. I miss my Malley Cat every day.
310. Sometimes, I see Malley-san out of the corner of my eye or laying somewhere when my glasses are off and things are blurry.
311. I love our cats.
312. Somedays, I lose my grip on hope.
313. Other days, I get a better grip on it.
314. These two types of days tend to balance out for me, even though the scales have been tipped quite a bit lately.
315. I like to think of myself as being fairly mature for my age.
316. Ben Folds is my favorite living musician.
317. Well, Darrell is actually my favorite musician, if we're getting technical about it. :^)
318. I made an omelette tonight in the microwave, but I couldn't find the omelette maker instructions, and part of it turned out raw.
319. I hope I don't get a stomach-ache from combining my inability to cook with my love of eggs.
320. I wonder at times like these if one could die from eating uncooked eggs.
321. I drank a raw egg once.
322. I highly doubt I'll ever eat a raw egg again.
323. I looked at shoes online tonight.
324. I refrained from buying any shoes online tonight.
325. I keep very careful track of my expenditures in Quicken.
326. Graphs of my spending make me happy for some reason.
327. For instance, I know that I've spent $35.64 on coffee since August.
328. I'm pretty impressed with my restraint there, because I figured that number would be higher.
329. I should spend more on coffee.
330. Coffee makes me feel good.
331. I like the peppermint drinks at the Starbucks at Christmastime.
332. I know you can order the Christmastime drinks there all year 'round, but I like them to feel special during the holidays by only getting them then.
333. I tried to work a semicolon into that sentence; I did not.
334. Semicolons are probably my favorite punctuation mark.
335. Having a favorite punctuation mark probably makes me a complete geek.
336. I'm all right with being a complete geek.
337. Fall was once my favorite time of year; my favorite time of year is now Spring.
338. I'm still undecided on that whole Spring favorite thing.
339. I think maybe if I say it enough that Spring will suddenly become my favorite.
340. I say that, because Fall has lost its appeal for me.
341. Winter is abhorrent to me.
342. There are three things I enjoy about Winter: holiday festivities, the annual camping trip, and Darrell's birthday.
343. I'm exaggerating.
344. There are other birthdays I enjoy in the Winter.
345. Otherwise, Winter is just a yucky time of year for me.
346. Summer is far too hot, though I'm cold-natured in general.
347. So, I've decided I'll convince myself to like Spring.
348. I ramble sometimes.
349. It's probably because I've already ran out of things to say in this list.
350. I am going to keep going, though, because I am stubborn like that.
351. Writing 100 things about yourself really is a good exercise; you should try it.
352. I said earlier that coffee makes me feel good, but that's not always true.
353. I shouldn't drink so much coffee, really.
354. The other night, I had coffee too close to bedtime, and it made me sleep fitfully.
355. Sometimes, I kick in my sleep.
356. I'm trying to learn to sleep on my back, because it helps keep my jaw from hurting.
357. It's harder than I thought to learn to sleep on my back.
358. I tried sleeping with socks on the other night, to no avail.
359. I don't like cinnamon toothpaste.
360. I like the fluoride treatment at the dentist.
361. The last time I was at the dentist, I chose the banana-flavored fluoride.
362. I did the oral cancer screening at the dentist.
363. I accidentally spat the oral cancer screening stuff on myself at the dentist.
364. I hope I wasn't the only person to do that, but at the same time, I don't wish that embarrassment on anyone else.
365. I've gotten better at getting over embarrassing moments lately.
366. When I hear a siren, I always hope no one is hurt.
367. When I was little, I thought "no one" was one word, and I wondered why it wasn't pronounced like "noon."
368. I like ordering things online for the double gratification - the moment you order it and the moment you receive it.
369. Sometimes, I feel like shopping in person is cheating.
370. Other times, I feel like ordering online is wasteful for the delivery process.
371. I suppose it all should be done in moderation.
372. When we go to Chattanooga, I usually start whining about halfway there about missing the cats already.
373. I like to get gas in Manchester, TN.
374. I joke with Darrell about the gas in Manchester being so cheap, they're giving it away.
375. It wouldn't surprise me if that were true.
376. I love reading Science Fiction novels.
377. I'm not sure when I got off on my Sci-Fi kick, but it seemed to happen overnight.
378. I think that After Many a Summer Dies the Swan was one of the first Science Fiction books I read, though it wasn't set in space or anything.
379. The Martian Chronicles is one of my favorite books.
380. I didn't enjoy going to Dragon*Con.
381. I need to get a passport so Darrell and I can travel out of the country.
382. I'd like to go to the John Lennon graffiti wall in Prague again, but this time on December 8th.
383. I think that going somewhere in England would be a little more feasible than that.
384. I should spend more time learning about European transit systems, so that I'll be ready if I need to utilize them.
385. Unfortunately, there are a lot more important things on my to-do list, time-wise and financially.
386. I want hardwood floors.
387. I wish I could play an instrument well.
388. My ex-husband is engaged to a girl that likes to be scantily clad at conventions.
389. Surprisingly, I don't really care what my ex-husband does anymore.
390. Darrell is - hands-down - the best influence I've had in my life.
391. I'm not saying things are perfect; I'm just saying that I am glad he's in my life.
392. I say "really" a lot lately.
393. I'm not sending Xmas cards this year.
394. I still celebrate March the 25th.
395. I have celebrated March 25th since 1996... or 1995. (I can't remember.)
396. I need to find more things to celebrate every day.
397. I think I have a sore lack of celebration in my life lately.
398. Today, I will celebrate Osiris, since he's in my lap. Hooray for Osiris!
399. I feel better now that I've basked in the love of Osiris.
400. I didn't die of raw egg poisoning... at least not yet. :^)


posted by Jennifer at 12/10/2008 07:09:00 PM

Blogger AKA said...

It's not just you - I have a grammar-crush on the semi-colon too.

Admitting it is half the battle.

12/11/2008 06:56:00 AM  

Blogger Jennifer said...


ha! :^)

12/14/2008 03:06:00 PM  

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