Sunday, December 14, 2008

but I'm running behind

Osiris is sitting in my lap. Since O'Malley left us, he's been exceptionally snuggly. I don't know if he was scared to sit in my lap with O'Malley or if he actually feels that same empty hole that I feel now that our little friend is gone.

Sometimes I think he feels it, too.

I called someone today and cried hysterically when I got off the phone. I'm either a complete lunatic or I just have an abundance of grief that I'm not prepared to stand toe-to-toe with right now.

We've lost so much this year that I don't know how we're still standing. We never have any time anymore. Work is kicking both our butts, but Darrell's especially. I want to take a vacation, but not by myself.

I want everything to be as close to normal as it was last year and year before.

Forgive and eventually forget is how I usually feel about it. I guess my tune would change if I'd forgiven and tried to forget so many times.

I tried to buy quasi-healthy food at the grocery store this time around. Though, it's really nearly impossible at the Kroger. Everything has either too much fat or too much sugar or too much sodium. I'm just going to live off carrots and broccoli for the rest of my life. Maybe one small cookie.

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posted by Jennifer at 12/14/2008 05:45:00 PM

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