Sunday, October 07, 2007

no one here gets out alive

I pulled so much crabgrass today. And impatiens. If anyone wants any impatiens, just let me know. I have about a truckload of new ones sprouting EVERY DAY. If you do want some, I offer some advise with them. Just let them take over your yard. It's easier than battling them. They're way more tenacious than you could ever dream of being. You stand no chance.

It seems I am winning the current wave of Impatiens Attack, though. For now.

I'm faring well against the Crabgrass Onslaught. As well as anyone can fare against that damnable stuff.

And I haven't begun the War Against Ivy yet here. I'm building my arsenal and stamina. It'll wait till the weather gets a little cooler. Even though there's just a little patch of it, it's gonna take a whole day at least to eradicate it. I'm confident, though. Confident and stubborn: a winning combination.

I just looked up "impatiens" in the dictionary. The origin is: "from Latin, literally 'impatient,' because the capsules of the plant readily burst open when touched."

Wikipedia chimes in with this helpful information: "The plant derives its scientific name Impatiens ('impatient') and the common name 'touch-me-not' from the plant's seed pods. When the seed pods mature, they 'explode' when touched, sending seeds several meters away. This mechanism is also known as 'explosive dehiscence.' See also Rapid plant movement."

That explains a lot.


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