Friday, February 23, 2007

I hear a very gentle sound

Today, I am debating whether I should take a hydrocodone pill for my cramps or not. They're bad, but they're not as bad as the cyst hurt me. And the cyst was what the pills were prescribed for. So I probably shouldn't take a pill. But it hurts. And it's sucked my motivation dry.

I saw on Derek's blog that there is a site called "Illustration Friday." Since this week's theme is communication, and you can enter old work, I am going to post a project I did in school. It was to illustrate the poem "The Little Black Heart of the Telephone."

Here 'tis:

Random thoughts while driving yesterday:

Do school bus drivers find it difficult not to stop, look, and listen when crossing train tracks in their private vehicles? I think it would be difficult to break that habit.

Envy is not such a difficult thing for me to deal with. When I see something someone else has that I would want, I wouldn't want them to give it to me for the world. I love it so much because THEY have it. And I'm happy that they have it. And maybe I would want one of my own one day, but I certainly would never want theirs.

A friend of mine I had a meeting with yesterday has a note on her filing cabinet that says, "How you spend your days is how you spend your life." (Or something to that effect.) It made an impression on me.


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