Friday, September 08, 2006

I've got an answer

10 Questions from Penny:

1. What is the most memorable scene you've ever wished you had your camera for and didn't? There's not really one particular moment that comes to mind. I do wish I could take pictures at inappropriate times, though... usually in crowded spaces like elevators or waiting rooms or sometimes of people washing their hands in the bathroom. I'm afraid it might draw too much attention to me.

2. What is the most memorable photograph you do have (yours or otherwise) and why? I bought an entire suitcase full of photos from a flea market once, because the guy wouldn't sell me just one of them. The one I wanted was a double-exposed shot of a Catholic couple cutting a wedding cake and a lady walking by close-up. It looks like the couple is laughing gleefully whilst whittling off a chunk of the lady's head.

3. What is your favorite color to paint your toenails and how does it make you feel? Green or blue (or green and blue). It makes me feel like there's little cute bugs on my toes.

4. When do you remember becoming self-aware? I'm not sure of an exact moment. I know it was before I was 4 (when I started Kindergarten). I used to remember a lot more about my childhood, and now all I remember is that I used to remember things.

5. What is your favorite memory or trait involving your mother? My mother's very creative. I enjoy sharing project ideas with her. She bounces when she gets excited, and her eyes turn into little upside-down crescents like an anime character.

6. What is your favorite memory or trait involving your father? My father's very quirky. I enjoy that trait. My father says "all right!" a lot when he is happy about something, and I always seek his approval.

7. Has there ever been a regretable statement uttered by your own mouth which you still wish you could take back and reword? Not one uttered by my mouth; one that was written. Several that were written. I'll learn one of these days to be more careful when I write things.

8. If you had your own country, what would you call it, what would the flag look like and would it be mostly land-locked or ocean-side. I'm not sure what my country would be called. It would most likely be small (I'm not sure how to run a country... never was even any good at Age of Empires or Sim City), and it would probably be landlocked.

9. What would you like to name your boychild, girlchild and/or horse. I've never wanted children, so I've never really thought of a boychild name I like. However, I do like the name "Lily Moon" for a girl. I like most any flower names for girls ("Violet," "Rose," "Iris," et cetera). For a horse, I'd probably name it "Pickles." Or "Horsey Horsey."

10. Is there a quote that comes to mind or a book that you reread or a movie that you watch when you are feeling blue that helps turn you orange and red again? Jonathan Livingston Seagull always makes me feel better.

Anyone else care to participate? Just pop 'em on your weblog, and let me know they're there via a comment, maybe? Or answer in my comments... I don't mind.


posted by Jennifer at 9/08/2006 08:33:00 AM

Blogger Penny said...

Thank-you. Very enjoyable!

I love the Catholic beheading couple! I laughed. A suitcase full, eh? That would have been fun to go through.

I was self aware early on, too, but I remember everything.

Toe colors - excellent choices! I choose pink, mostly these days, but apparently people who have led hard lives chose pink to surround themselves with softness. I tend to agree and am happy to find that my subconscious worked that out for me. :) Still.. green is my favorite color.

I would love to see your mom with her cresent moon eyes and hear your dad with his emphatic enthusiasm! - They sound great!

I'm going to read your author when my eyelids aren't sticking together.

Thanks for answering!


9/12/2006 10:33:00 PM  

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