Friday, December 30, 2005

like a whirlpool, it never ends

I made over 50 New Year cards last night, and my spirographing muscles hurt. And my spirographing lobe hurts. And my eyes are spinning in little spirograph patterns.

Go here to make spirographs the easy way. (They spelled "spirograph" wrong on the page I'm linking to, and that disturbs me.)

Or, you can go here and make a snowflake.

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posted by Jennifer at 12/30/2005 08:52:00 AM

Anonymous b incoln said...

Spirograph aside (which will be investigated, fear ye not), I was delighted to spot your titular use of a They Might Be Giants lyric. This caused an instant joyful mini-geekout on this side of the Atlantic.

What a lovely way to end the year. Have a fantastic NYE, I look forward to reading your first post of "Aught Six".

12/30/2005 01:44:00 PM  

Blogger Jennifer said...

I hate to burst your bubble... but the lyric is actually an oldie from Tommy Roe...

But, if you'd like to think of it as from They Might be Giants, please feel free. :^)

Take care, and have a lovely New Year!

Maybe 2006 will bring us a blog from The Mysterious B?

12/30/2005 01:56:00 PM  

Blogger Tickles_Tapeworm said...

I think I might still have a Spirograph in my parents closet somewhere.

What are the big New Year's plans? Aside from you and Michael, I don't really have many friends, so I'm not going out. ;) I predict a tequila-driven evening.

12/30/2005 02:14:00 PM  

Anonymous b nang said...

Ah, nuts. Guess that's where they got it from. And I'm normally so good at knowing about stuff like that. Never mind.

Can you believe that snowflake thing is almost three years old? How can something that cool stay hidden for so long? I'm telling you: there is another internet, one buried beneath the well-indexed, richly-linked one that we know, and in that hidden web are answers to questions we do not yet know to ask.

1/03/2006 03:48:00 PM  

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