Wednesday, September 28, 2005

itchy feet and fading smiles

I'm having an invisible spell. People walk by like I'm not even there. I don't have to say more than about 5 sentences to anyone face-to-face over the course of an entire day. What it really boils down to is a lack of social interaction during the rare days when I actually feel like being social.

And now I'm going home to more of the same.

Could this week just be over soon? 'Cause I'm ready to wrap this one up and start a new one already.

Are you there, God? Can you help me out a bit by skipping Thursday and Friday and just heading straight into Saturday? I'd really appreciate it.

If it doesn't end soon, I'm going to be forced to strike up conversations with total strangers out of desperation.


posted by Jennifer at 9/28/2005 01:59:00 PM

Blogger Penny said...

I have had conversations with total strangers out of sheer boredom and lonliness.. it's not neccessarily a practice I condone. Creepy strangers. But, I get it. Why are you alone? In your dreams, too? When I am alone in my dreams, people do not speak to me, because they can't see me. Are you fading into the background, JenniferWK?

Do not despair. Make a friend out of a coffee-barista. At least you know where they work.

9/28/2005 09:27:00 PM  

Blogger Penny said...

PS.. where is the beach picture? I just went through all your pics and couldn't find it.

9/28/2005 09:33:00 PM  

Blogger God said...

Jennifer, 'tis I: God.

I have heard thy plea and whilst I cannot make the days disappear, I shall see what I can do to make them a bit more pleasant for thee.

So says I, so it shalt be.

- God

9/28/2005 09:45:00 PM  

Blogger Jennifer said...

Penny - Actually, in my dreams, I've been hiding lately. Either that, or my breaks have been failing. But my dreams are so random, they don't really ever make sense. Oh, and the photo you're looking for is on Michael's account here.

God - Praises unto thee for thy heavenly assistance.

9/29/2005 07:41:00 AM  

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