Friday, September 25, 2009

the grass is high enough

Tips from a newbie for mowing the yard with a manual lawn mower:

1.  Push back and forth, but in a straight line.

2.  Do not always lead with the same leg.  The leg will get tired.  Remind yourself that you have two legs for a reason.

3.  Think of the little blades of grass you miss as ten little fingers on a happy little waving hand, not as ten blades of grass flipping you off.

4.  Decide from the beginning how many rows you'll mow before taking a break.  Then, divide that number by 2 or 3, and take breaks often.

5.  Revel in the part of the lawn you have already mowed; do not fixate on what still lies ahead.

6.  Imagine you're mowing the hair on the Green Giant's head.

7.  Do not imagine you're mowing the hair on the Green Giant's back.  That's just plain creepy.

8.  Remind yourself of the muscles you're growing, gas you're saving, and emissions you're not emitting.

9.  When it starts raining, it is indeed a sign from the heavens that you should stop mowing.

10.  Be thankful you have a yard to mow, running water for a shower, and all those other little things you usually don't take time to appreciate.


posted by Jennifer at 9/25/2009 12:23:00 PM

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