Tuesday, July 29, 2008

needle in the hay

Another emotional ride home has left me wondering why I am inconsolable. What would make be happy at this point? What would bring me satisfaction, contentment, and pleasure? If I knew, I'm sure I would be happy. I would already be satisfied, content, and pleased.

Trouble is, I don't know. Maybe I need a phase of dissatisfaction to know satisfaction more fully when it gets here.

I wore my sparkly shoes today. I do enjoy my sparkly shoes.

I had City Wraps for lunch. I do enjoy City Wraps.

I had lunch with Darrell. I do enjoy lunching with Darrell.

I accomplished some things at work with minimal strife. I do enjoy that.

So, I should be pleased with my day.

I need to find joy in day-to-day things again, but I'm not sure how I lost it. It's easier to find things when you know where you lost them. But I'll keep looking.

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posted by Jennifer at 7/29/2008 04:35:00 PM

Anonymous Bryan said...

I KNOW you said you weren't interested, but you need a kid or two runnin' around there. I used to feel like that a lot, before I met Christa, then, BLAM! Kids made it completely go away. Well, Chriusta probably had a hand in it too, ;).

I hope you feel better, you know where to find us if you need/want to talk.

7/31/2008 01:44:00 PM  

Blogger Jennifer said...

:^) Yeah, well... I think kids would only complicate things at this point.

But thank you for the kind thoughts. I'm feeling better today. I might write about it later, but I'm coming around.

8/01/2008 05:12:00 PM  

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