Thursday, June 26, 2008

I don’t want a pickle

My brain is cluttered, my body's tired, and I'm cranky. This comes as a surprise to people who don't know me well, because I still smile a lot when I'm cranky. I just get more withdrawn and my eyes look worn out. It feels a bit like I shuffle like a little old lady, too. But no one's said anything about that. It may just be my imagination.

Anyhow, as a distraction, here's some recent photos from the Honda Hoot. Darrell, Josh (Punky), Christopher, Father, Aunt Janice, and David went this past weekend, and it was a lot of fun. Try telling that to my butt, though. ha! 540 miles is a lot. Maybe that's why I've been shuffling...

DSCN0730 DSCN0725 DSCN0750 DSCN0749 DSCN0745
DSCN0743 DSCN0733 DSCN0732 DSCN0741 DSCN0740
DSCN0746 DSCN0747 DSCN0736 DSCN0735 DSCN0734
DSCN0739 DSCN0753 DSCN0757 DSCN0756 DSCN0770
DSCN0777 DSCN0766 DSCN0784 DSCN0782 DSCN0785
DSCN0793 DSCN0780 DSCN0787 DSCN0839 DSCN0836
DSCN0832 DSCN0826 DSCN0840 DSCN0794 DSCN0807
DSCN0791 DSCN0786 DSCN0798 DSCN0771 DSCN0884
DSCN0881 DSCN0877 DSCN0879 DSCN0872 DSCN0870
DSCN0869 DSCN0857 DSCN0854 DSCN0859 DSCN0886
DSCN0885 DSCN0853 DSCN0851 DSCN0849 DSCN0935
DSCN0938 DSCN0898 DSCN0901 DSCN0919 DSCN0897
DSCN0916 DSCN0923

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