Sunday, March 09, 2008

exciting and inviting me

Sitting here for a moment at the computer, I became disconnected from my surroundings. It felt like there was possibly a door to my left instead of a window, a wall to my right instead of a door, and a door to my back instead of a wall. It was slightly disconcerting.

This is probably from moving things around the living room with an all-consuming focus. That, and lifting the couch by myself. I think I broke my brain.

On that note, I read A War of Gifts by Orson Scott Card a few weeks ago, and I marked a spot in it to share here. ::making Osiris get off the book so I can get it out from under him::

Jostle me all you want. It will purify me and make you filthier.
Now, though, nobody bothered with Zeck. He was ignored. Not pointedly – if he asked a question, people answered. Scornfully, perhaps, but what was that to Zeck? Scorn was merely pity mingled with hate, and hate was pride mixed with fear. They feared him because he was different, and so they hated him, and so their pity – the touch of godliness that remained in them – was turned to scorn. A virtue made filthy by pride.

I have been quiet here, and it will probably remain quiet here for a bit. March is going to be rough on me at work... not to mention we bought a new 50" widescreen plasma TV and a Blu-ray player today that Darrell and I will probably (hopefully) be spending lots of quality time with in the evenings.

(We got Across the Universe on Blu-ray, and I'm bouncing with excitement!)

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