Monday, April 23, 2007

forget what's out there

My O'Malley Cat was diagnosed today with arthritis. They made him move his legs, felt his throat, moved his head around, shined a light in his eyes, and x-rayed him in several positions; he was a good kitty the entire time. I'm still beaming with pride. He was even a good kitty in the car. He wore his little harness and leash like a champ, and he sat in my lap in the car and hardly cried at all.

I wish he didn't have arthritis, though.

He'll be 11 years old soon (I'm unsure of his actual date of birth, but I think it's May 1996), and it pains me to think I will lose him one day.

I read a story in the Cat Fancy magazine while I was waiting on Malley to get x-rays done. It was about a lady who had chemotherapy, and her cat had been extra-affectionate all throughout it. When she finally had beaten the cancer, her poor kitty had a stroke and they had to put him to sleep. The line that got me was about how he looked at her with peaceful satisfaction as he was dying as if he knew how much he had helped her by being there for her. It was so heart-wrenching, that I teared up there in the office.

I wish I could hold my sweet O'Malley forever.


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